About – THE MOOD

How’s your mood? Or maybe, how’s it hanging – would be more appropriate?
You probably wonder, why I ask.
Well, I’m RebekkaRebekka – your new best friend.

No matter what your answer is I am yours to be.  It’s true – I am. Why?
Let’s imagine a very possible situation: Most likely you ask yourself a similar question every time you stand in front of the mirror and plan your outfit, the clothes and the jewelry. Which goes to what, etc.

Next – let’s imagine you had a ring, a necklace or one/two/three earrings that would fit any outfit, any mood or any good/bad hair day – and even anywhere on you. That’s me. That’s who I am. RebekkaRebekka is my name.

Sometimes I’m lustful, sometimes playful – and sometimes simply plain. Sometimes raw and sometimes feminine.  I am unique and entirely my own. I like to play with other jewelry as well. And I mould – into anything you would like me to.

I am RebekkaRebekka. Made of pure materials like 925/- sterling silver, gold-plated silver 18-22 carat gold and matted sterling silver with black ruthanium.

I come in different sizes, shapes and variations. Mostly, I am an earring, a cuff, a ring, a necklace or a bracelet. And I come in one collection a year + running news on the side.

I am RebekkaRebekka

Yours truly.

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